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Woman Decorates Her Prosthetic Leg with Christmas Lights for the Holidays

In case you're wondering, the prosthetic is truly a microprocessor-controlled C-Leg, as well as the dog is a mixed breed in the pound as well as yes, he will have a QR code in his collar.

. Woman Decorates her Prosthetic Leg with Christmas Lights for your Holidays
hugeboobs data-cfsrc="http://laughingsquid.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/iC1DGedsss.jpg" alt="Prosthetic Leg Decorated with Christmas Lights" width="640" height="706">Prosthetic Leg Decorated together with Christmas Lights

via reddit, Neatorama
image through cit046286

This holiday season, Redditor huge boobies cit046286, which lost your ex left leg for you to cancer almost two years ago, has decorated the woman's prosthetic leg with Christmas lights

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