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NFL conference championships Sunday open thread

It could be hilarious to end up being able to see the Patriots help make all of it just how towards the Huge Game as well as lose once more similar to they did contrary to the Giants, yet I possess a hunch which this is Peyton's 12 months for you to venture out upon a higher note along with New England's highway towards the Lombardi Prize ends here. Denver is tough to get over in home; only san Diego managed it, and these people are out with the playoffs now. It's simply no secret in which I want anyone however New England to win, therefore take this pick with regard to how it is worth. In the actual event that I'm lucky, I'll best .500 for your 2013 playoffs. Currently in which he's gotten warmed up, anticipate fireworks, yet it will likely be Denver 45-34 more than New England.
NFL conference championships Sunday open thread « Hot Air
Jazz: The extremely first game associated with the afternoon may be the AFC Championship, kicking off from 3:00 p.m. San Fran over Seattle in a shut 1 (maybe as any result of one last field goal) 27-24.

. Grow Older prior to beauty, right after all.

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Ed: Your Seahawks will most likely be lacking Percy Harvin, and the 49ers appear red-hot. These a pair of teams know one another really well, as well as each won their property games against the other person -- however the Seahawks blew the 49ers outside in week 2, although san Francisco simply barely edged Seattle in home, 19-17. ET upon FOX. (As I predicted.) However, New England only barely beat Denver within Foxboro in week 12, plus it needed to go to overtime. Therefore no, you're going correct ahead. Seattle won't get the jitters we observed coming from Carolina last week. My 3-1 last nevertheless leaves me with 3-5 for your postseason, and I've simply got 3 more games for you to call. (That's my story and I'm sticking in order to it.) the conference championships can give us one last opportunity to shine, although the number of picks features dwindled. ET about CBS. but the actual Broncos get virtually just about all of their finest weapons ready to start as well as the game last year exactly where they lost to the Ravens was, within my opinion, a new fluke. However, when once again the actual home-field benefit may become the primary difference here. Denver's gotten healthier and in addition the Pats get gotten a little a lot more beaten up. I have a feeling that I'll end up being opening the doorway regarding Ed in order to overtake me today, yet a new guy's gotta do such a guy's gotta do.

Ed: so way we're around the identical page. I'm guessing in which the large quantity of the particular media prognosticators are usually likely to claim that Bay Area merely can't acquire in the thunderdome conditions with Seattle, nevertheless as with just about all the last handful of weeks, I'm not really acquiring the hype. Kaepernick is all set to go along with he'll remove the actual distractions and the noise to take his team for the dance. Denver more than New England, 38-24 in the higher scoring shootout.
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Ed: Will I mind that you simply bogarted the thread even though we tangled up last week? Er ... I'm going with almost all the Seahawks, 27-23.

Jazz: The Actual evening game will always be the NFC Championships from 6:30 p.m.

posted with 12:31 pm upon January 19, 2014 by simply Jazz Shaw

NFL conference championships Sunday open up thread

Jazz: The Actual final day regarding football before the Large Game is upon us. The Actual 49ers are usually playing the particular Seahawks (again) with what is turning into a significant grudge match only at that point. I'm just surprised being within situation to become able to complain concerning it. Yet since Ed rang up exactly the same record, I'll take the week on the push. last week I missed an ideal record when again, going 3 with regard to four. While Peyton has lost within the playoffs, it's typically been in the initial game, too. It's your Denver Broncos internet hosting the particular New England Patriots, as well as all the hot http://female-agent.smutdetective.com/ buzz I'm hearing appears to revolve about Peyton Manning "choking" inside the huge game and achieving sent house in disgrace

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