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Studies show big promise for HIV prevention drug

Robert Grant, an AIDS expert at the Gladstone Institutes, a new groundwork affiliated using the University Or College associated with California, San Francisco.

Currier will be about the program committee for the meeting in Boston in which the studies had been offered - the actual Conference about Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections. Judith Currier, an infectious disease specialist in the College regarding California, Los Angeles. Your studies tested it within macaques confronted with any human-monkey edition regarding HIV.

Researchers in the Centers pertaining to Disease Manage along with Prevention gave 6 monkeys shots with the drug every 4 weeks; six other people got dummy shots. The Particular analysis "supports shifting this forward" directly into human testing, your woman said. TweetShareFacebookTwitterGoogle buzzDel.icio.usDiggRedditNewsvineBuzz up!Fark itPrint-AAA+The Related PressFILED UNDER (USATODAY.com) - Thrilling study points too a go each along with every anyone to three months might someday give an alternative for the daily pills which some individuals just take now to cut their own chance of getting HIV. STORY: Doctors hope for cure in a 2nd infant using HIV Grant mentioned the actual long-acting drug is actually chemically much like certain AIDS medicines marketed now that are "extremely safe, well tolerated and intensely potent." The mid-stage trial screening the actual long-acting shots in individuals like a treatment, not a prevention, is underway, he said. Studies demonstrate big guarantee for HIV prevention drug | wtsp.com The monkeys which got the actual fake treatment had been easily infected "but the actual animals which received the actual long-acting drug remained protected," said research leader Gerardo Garcia-Lerma with the CDC. Until a new vaccine is developed, condoms are one of the most useful way to prevent infection with almost all the AIDS virus and many various other sexually spread diseases. "If it works and also proves to become safe, it could permit HIV to be prevented with periodic injections, possibly each three months."
The dose used inside a single shot corresponded to what individuals would obtain via a go each three months, researchers said. Comments() | Discuss your thoughts >>

"This is actually promising," said Dr. all had been exposed to the virus twice per week regarding 11 weeks. To notice how long a single shot would last, they will did a new 2nd study. Again, just about all animals because of the fake therapy were rapidly infected and individuals on the drug were most protected.
The new study tested something that could get this kind involving prevention much more practical - a new long-acting experimental drug produced by GlaxoSmithKline PLC. The Particular single shot protected 12 monkeys for about ten weeks in average. A drug used to treat people with HIV - Gilead Science's Truvada - also can be used to help prevent infection within individuals who don't possess the virus. Yet not everyone makes use of them, or even will consequently all of the time, so public wellness officials have pursued other prevention options.. The Newest York research in addition has been revealed online from the journal Science. In the second study, Chasity Andrews yet others at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Analysis Middle with Rockefeller university in Ny gave eight monkeys a pair of shots in the drug, 4 weeks apart, and also dummy shots to become able to eight others. Your animals were exposed for the virus once a week with regard to eight weeks. A New large study inside gay men several years back located it could cut this risk simply by as much as 90%, depending in how faithfully folks take the daily pills.

The results mirror the factor that was seen within the CDC's early study inside monkeys about Truvada, the particular pill that's available for HIV prevention now.
The experimental drug only has been tested for prevention in monkeys, nevertheless it totally protected these people through infection throughout a couple of studies reported from an AIDS conference http://www.blackcams.info upon Tuesday.

"Both teams are usually showing 100% protection" with just about all the drug, Grant mentioned associated with both sets of researchers.

"This may become the nearly all thrilling innovation inside the area of HIV prevention in which I've heard recently," said Dr

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